Lebanese Association for History

The Lebanese Association for History is a non-governmental organisation established in 2013 by a group of educationalists, history teachers, and activists. They work together for the development of an approach to history education which is based on critical inquiry into various sources of evidence and interpretations of historical events.

LAH has about 30 members. The organisation cooperates with a number of partners, both international and Lebanese.

Mission and Activities

The mission of LAH is to “promote the learning and teaching of history as a discipline in Lebanon, raise public awareness about the importance of history and ensure that history teaching becomes more recognized by society and more engaging to learners with a focus on historical concepts”.

LAH aims at encouraging continuous learning for different age groups as a way to build learners’ critical thinking shape their personalities and develop a sense of individual and collective responsibility.

For these purposes, implements a number of activities, notably:

  • developing educational material

  • training teachers

  • training students of history as part of their academic education

Cooperation with forumZFD Lebanon

LAH has cooperated with forumZFD since 2014 on activities in the programme area Dealing with the Past. In particular, forumZFD and LAH have been cooperating on two projects.

In one project, project LAH and forumZFD trained teachers on methods to work with their students on researching public sites commemorating the civil war in Lebanon.

Moreover, forumZFD in cooperation with LAH and Notre Dame University–Louaize organised a workshop "The Power of Remembrance: The role of youth organisations of political parties in memorialisation and learning about the past” with leaders of youth organisations from five different political parties in September 2016. The objective was to reflect on the cultures of remembrance of political parties and collective memory together with them.

forumZFD also supported the development of an interactive website, where teachers can share lessons, plans and other teaching materials, as well a training program for teachers developed by LAH. The programme History Teachers’ Capacity to Foster Historical Thinking was implemented from October 2014–September 2015; teachers learnt how to engage in historical thinking and ways to use it in class.