You decide (El hal Bi’idak) - 2014-15

 A local peace builders network

The translation for “You Decide” in Arabic language is: “الحل بايدك”. It means the solution is in your hands. The name reflects the concept of conflict transformation, where the solution comes from within the local context. A needs-oriented series of trainings on conflict resolution for NGOs and their volunteers who are already active in the field of peacebuilding will strengthen a network of small organisations and foster a country-wide exchange on local expertise in the field.

Other activities

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    Transform-ME: an App on Conflict Transformation in Arabic and English

    In the Middle East, where an above average proportion of the population is under the age of 30, mobile phones play a significant role in communication. In order to make knowledge about non-violent conflict transformation more easily available in Lebanon and other Arabic speaking contexts, forumZFD's Lebanon office together with forumZFD's headquarter in Cologne have developed an app on conflict transformation called Transform-ME. read more