Transform-ME: an App on Conflict Transformation in Arabic and English

In the Middle East, where an above average proportion of the population is under the age of 30, mobile phones play a significant role in communication. In order to make knowledge about non-violent conflict transformation more easily available in Lebanon and other Arabic speaking contexts, forumZFD's Lebanon office together with forumZFD's headquarter in Cologne have developed an app on conflict transformation called Transform-ME. The app makes available learning materials from forumZFD's online self-learning platform. The app was developed as part of forumZFD's programme on capacity building for civil society in Lebanon.

The app is aimed at users who have some prior experience of non-violent conflict transformation, but would like to gain a deeper understanding of concept and methods used in the field. For the app, existing online courses of forumZFD's Academy for Conflict Transformation were translated to Arabic and partially adapted to the local context. The app includes learning modules on a variety of participatory methods for non-violent communication, conflict analysis, project planning as well as monitoring the effects of projects. The name of the app "Transform-ME" refers both to transforming oneself and transforming the Middle East.

Prior to developing the Transform-ME app, interviews were conducted with potential users of the app on what features they would find useful. In addition, two workshops were held to receive input and feedback on the app from representatives of local and international organisations working on conflict transformation in Lebanon.

“Given the wide use of mobile phones in Lebanon and in other countries of the region, it seemed important to us to make the material more accessible to mobile phone users. This will also facilitate the capacity building we offer for Lebanese NGOs”, says Shadi Sakhnini, project manager at forumZFD Lebanon for the Transform-ME app. “At the same time, we hope that people in other countries Arabic speaking countries will use our app and apply methods for non-violent conflict transformation more widely.”

The app will become available for use in 2017. Its development was supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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